Did you know that Northern California has amazing lavender fields and sunflower fields?! I have been visiting the sunflowers in the Dixon/Woodland area for the past 4 years, and this year I was so excited to learn about the lavender fields. If frolicking among heavenly scented lavender and bright yellow sunflowers sounds fun to you, then here’s all the details you need for a day trip to visit both in one day!

Araceli Lavender Fields

Where is Araceli Farms?

Araceli Farms is located in Dixon, California which is about 25 miles outside of Sacramento and about 65 miles from San Francisco. 

And there’s sunflower fields just down the road!

(there are a few other lavender fields in other areas of California so if you aren’t within driving distance of this farm I looked up a few others that might be closer to you in Central or Southern California, check at the end of this post)

A Few Facts About the Farm 

  • The farm is newer and just started growing lavender in 2017
  • There are 6 acres of lavender and 7 varietals (I never knew there were so many kinds, including white lavender!)
  • They strive to be as sustainable as possible from their farming methods to the packing of their lavender goods
  • They distill their own essential oils (which you can purchase from their onsite shop or even online along with other lavender goodies)

How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Farm?

There’s a small admission cost of $5 per person or for $10 you can get admission and take home a lavender bundle (best option in my opinion!) 

It’s best to buy your ticket ahead of time (buy here) and they offer 2 hour time windows for you to enjoy the farm and check out their shop. 

*If you are a photographer looking to book a photography session or just want a more private experience to ensure no people in your photos you can book a private session.

When to Visit the Lavender Fields?

The lavender blooms mid May – June. You don’t want to visit too early before the lavender blooms or too late after the lavender is harvested, so try to time your visit mid June, and you can also check with the farm about their peak blooming time. They also keep current updates on their instagram page @aracelifarms with the status of the lavender blooms and even keep a high light to show how previous year blooms were so you can know what to expect.

Tips for the Best Visit to the Lavender Fields

  • Try to pick an early or late visit time… in the summer it get very hot in the central valley and temps can get above 100 degrees!
  • Wear something light and flowy for cute pictures, try to pick something to contrast the lavender like a white dress
  • There are lots of bees but they really don’t bother you (I hardly noticed them), they are way more interested in the lavender
  • There will be a lot of other people in the field so it can be tricky to get a photo with no one in the background, just be patient and the back part of the field tended to have less people
  • Bring stuff for a picnic! Theres a grassy area perfect for enjoying some snacks
  • Be sure to check out the snack bar and try the refreshing lavender lemonade!
  • Grab some lavender goodies from the shop- lavender essential oils, chapstick and lavender bundles are just a few things they offer
  • Check out if the farm is having any events, the day I visited they were having a movie night

Etiquette for the Lavender Fields

Remember this is a working farm so be respectful of the flower fields and follow some etiquette when visiting the farm:

  • No picking lavender, this farm does not offer U-Pick
  • Don’t walk directly through the plants, wait til you are at the end of a row and be mindful of the irrigation hoses
  • There is a private residence on the property so be respectful
  • You may only access the farm during specified farm hours and with a ticket!

Other Lavender Fields in California

I have not visited any other lavender fields in California (yet!), but here’s a few others I have found, I will update in the future if I visit more!

Northern California Lavender Fields

Southern California Lavender Fields

  • 123 Farms located outside the Riverside/San Bernardino area (Their lavender season is mid May – August 1st)
  • Keys Creek Lavender Farm located in the North San Diego area- showing closed for 2021 but check back for next year for 2022 season!

Now Go Visit a Sunflower Field!

The Dixon and Woodland area is also full of gorgeous, bright yellow Sunflower Fields! You can find many just by driving around and but I found one just down the road from the Lavender Farm. I will write a more detailed post about visiting the sunflowers soon, but here’s a quick stop!

I recommend coordinating your visit to the Lavender Farm for an evening visit and then after enjoying the sunflowers for sunset photos during ‘golden hour’ (the hour before sunset and the best lighting for taking photos!)

Head down the road from Araceli Farms to the corner of Pitt School Rd. and Hawley Rd. 

Or drive about 15 minutes to 8747 Currey Rd, Dixon. This is a popular sunflower field. 

Be Courteous

Remember when visiting the sunflower fields are privately owned by farmers. So be respectful, do not pick any flowers! Stay close to the edge of the fields, don’t venture deep into the fields. Be very gentle with the flowers and be cautious not to cause any harm to the fields. If there is a no trespassing sign please honor that. If you are planning a professional photoshoot it is best and courteous to contact the farmer for permission first.