We all see murals on the ‘gram from cities like Austin, Nashville, and Portland… well I’m here to show you that you can find some awesome murals right here in Northern California! Sacramento, California is the capital of California and often overlooked next to California cities like San Francisco and LA. But did you know it is home to a thriving art community and more than 150 Instagram worthy street murals?! Living only 45 minutes away from Sacramento I have been wanting to do some mural hunting and finally I did! And now I’m sharing with you the amazing Sacramento murals I visited and where to find them.

I will keep updating this post as I was only able to visit a handful of the 150+ murals and they are always adding new murals each year! In fact they have a yearly festival in September called Wide Open Walls where you can watch street artists come and paint new murals and enjoy food and vendors.

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A Few Tips for Visiting Sacramento

  • Sacramento is about 91 miles (1hr 45 min) from San Francisco
  • If visiting in summer remember temperatures can get above 100 degrees!
  • There is a lot to see in Sacramento- the Capitol, Historic Old Sacramento, Sacramento Zoo (stay tuned for future posts about things to do in Sacramento)
  • Sacramento is knows as the “City of Trees” as well as the “Farm to Fork Capital”
  • Sacramento is fairly walkable with decent public transport

Kristin Farr Mural

Located in DOCO Plaza

Artist: Kristin Farr

Peacock Murals

Located in DOCO Plaza

Artist: Maren Conrad

Mars 1 Mural

1716 J St

This mural was part of the 2019 Wide Open Walls festival and painted by Mars 1.

I love the colors of this mural and the cool futuristic vibe!

Few and Far Women Mural

1716 J St

This mural was painted in 2019 by various artists

This is such a beautiful and colorful mural!

Ilse Valfre Mural

1815 K St.

Painted by Ilse Valfre in 2018

This one is so fun and I’m totally obsessed with succulents and cats!

Maren Conrad

Located on 20th St between J and K street (by the railroad tracks)

Painted by Maren Conrad

This beautiful koi fish mural is beautiful and one of several Maren Conrad murals in this post… I absolutely love her murals!

Rose Tattoo Mural

Located on 17th and L St.

Will find artist info to credit

I found this one just while walking. It’s smaller than the other murals but very visually stunning!

Johnny Cash Mural

Located at 1517 L St.

Painted by Shepard Fairey in 2018

I got them Folsom Prison Blues… who doesn’t love Johnny Cash! This one is giant on the side of a 15 story building above Public House.

Leticia Mandragora

Located at 18th and K St- Jazz Alley

Painted  by Leticia Mandragora

The Chucks

Located at 1322 V St. (On the side of Urban Roots BBQ)

Painted by Maren Conrad

Who doesn’t love chucks?! And think of all the fun photos you can take with this mural!

Also grab a bite to eat at Urban Roots BBQ while you are here!


Located at 1730 L St

This mural was painted in 2017 by Nosego.

Here Comes the Sun Mural

Located at 1818 X St.- behind the Onyx Midtown condo complex

Painted by Haley Titus and Jeremy Stranger

This is one of the murals that compelled me to finally go mural hunting! How can you not feel happy when you see this one! I wish I lived in this condo complex and saw this everyday!

TIP- I would recommend to visit this one more around sunset. I visited around noon and it was directly in the sun making for harsh lighting for photos. 

The Wishing Wall

Located at 819 19th St.

Painted by Maren Conrad

Maren Conrad again! This is my absolute favorite mural I visited, it literally glows in person! I can’t wait to check out more of Maren Conrad’s murals.

TIP- This one had a lot of sun hitting it too, but I was able to squeeze into the shadow to keep the lighting from being too harsh. So I would recommend try visiting in the evening as well.

Stay tuned for more Sacramento murals in the future! I will keep adding to this list as I come across more!

Other Things to Do in Sacramento